it’s been a while…

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OMG! A post!

Up until today, I had been neglecting my space on the internet… In the back of my mind, like my compatriots in the field, the dreaded portfolio site (or at least, I dread it), had been haunting me, a nagging to-do that I would conveniently put off for more important tasks like scrolling through my Facebook feed… But not today, today is the day I’m going to invest some of my time in ME. Today, I logged into my wordpress admin (after resetting my password) and lo and behold, 12 plug-in updates, a notification to update my wordpress platform, and a laundry list of XXXX things I need to fix after perusing my web site (Why did I do that?! Ugh…..) awaited me.

And now… now I need a coffee break.