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Calypso Horse Training

The Challenge
This was a project encumbered by a challenging budget and a client with no time or energy to devote outside day-to-day operations of her business as an equestrian trainer. The business was operating well but without a strong online presence, it was lacking awareness with its most promising demographic — those of families, teenagers and children locally on Oahu. An absence of visual presence also meant there was little to work with aside from the operating name.

CHT web site

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The Solution
The process to develop the brand identity entailed much research. Time was spent researching the sport (past and present), well-known companies and other businesses in the industry. Site visits and interviews with the client’s customers at the farm were conducted to get an overall sense of the client’s business, people’s preference in taste/style, and also the client herself since the business identity was a representation of her, her teaching methods and overall success of her students.

CHT logo exploration

The existing site did not have any metadata and was not optimized for SEO so that was the first thing to address. Prior to building the new site, the existing site was optimized for SEO. The keywords and original content created for the site was specifically chosen to highlight the niche area of the sport the client specialized in. Since “Horseback Riding Oahu, Hawaii” was already being used competitively for tourism-related trail rides, it was a deliberate strategy to focus on words specific to the sport that we knew prospective customers would use to find the business. It was important to develop the page rank of her site with organic search not only because a majority of her clients, such as military families, would come through via search but also because there would be no funds devoted to paid advertising.

Moving the client to wordpress enabled easy optimization of the pages for SEO, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It also opened the maintenance of the site to future administrators. A Facebook page for the client’s business was also created. Information shared across social media would also direct traffic to the web site.

CHT Facebook

The Outcome
Overhauling the website and creating a cohesive online presence that accurately reflected the quality and professionalism of the client’s business generated positive feedback and increased word of mouth via social and in-person. A spike in traffic increased by 200% since the change to the new website, bounce rate decreased by 30% and session duration had increased by 112% to 4 minutes during the first month.

CHT Before/After

The ranking of the client’s web presence has improved greatly as well. The majority of traffic comes from organic search and on a variety of selected phrases, the client’s page ranks as number 2 or 3 without any paid SEO, use of adwords or PPC. Client has seen an increase in prospective clients coming from the web site and through her Facebook page.

CHT Rank