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Hawaii Tourism Authority

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) provides comprehensive management of tourism for the State of Hawaii. As the state’s official source for information on tourism market research, partnership opportunities, industry news and timely updates during emergency situations, a redesigned, up-to-date web site presence with a more streamlined administration of content was needed.

hawaii tourism authority

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The Solution
A responsive site optimized for various devices was created. Based on primary target audiences and use cases from historical research, a thorough content audit and architecture of the site was done to consolidate and reorganize content that would be helpful to industry researchers who come for monthly statistics as well as prospective partners in the industry. Addressing the web site so it complies with WCAG standards was also a priority. One improvement not visible in the front-facing web site was streamlining the administrative workflow and content maintenance of the site in accordance to the organization’s internal working structure.

The site launched during a time where Hawaii was dealing with several natural crises, and was successful considering the seamless switch from the old site to new for visitors needing public service information and latest news and information during this time. Visitor traffic to the site had increased by 30% and the organization has experienced a decrease in servicing calls in regards to information that was now easily discoverable within the site.