I’m an experience designer currently living and working on Oahu, Hawaii for a marketing/advertising agency here on island. I have the opportunity to work with some pretty neat companies and together, solve some interesting problems. In my career so far, I have had brand experience with companies such as Applebee’s, Avis, Bank of Hawaii, Goldman Sachs, GRE, Halekulani Hotels, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Hawaiian Airlines, Marriott Hawaii, Mauna Kea Hotel, McGraw-Hill, Na Hoku, Orencia, PACCAR, TOEFL, World Wildlife Fund and more.

I’ve been in the design field for longer than I care to mention but I’m grateful now to have been able to participate from the beginning of the web (the dot.com bubble of the 1990’s anyone?) using tables to create rounded buttons, the arrival of CSS and web fonts (!!), then switching from inline styles to stylesheets, responsive html, designing for devices (not viewports) and optimizing for ADA compliance. And I’m sure I’m already behind on some other advancements in the internet of things but what other fields can you be in where learning is a constant, daily endeavor? It keeps me humble for I am constantly reminded of how much more there is to learn within this field.

I’m lucky to have worked in a variety of organizations that presented some valuable mentorships and interesting projects. They’ve included the global advertising giant, MRM McCann; bol.com — Bertelsmann eCommerce (an Amazon for books that preceded Amazon, itself); private companies and a variety of small businesses, including my own — which led me on a 5-year journey traveling, working and living in Indonesia, a place I still hold dear to my heart.

For more information about my background and work experience, please contact me. I’d love to talk!

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